Galactooligosaccharides (GOS)

Lactose derived, Natural, Safe and Effective

Human milk is the best nutrition for babies. An important constituent of mother’s milk is oligosaccharides, which can keep babies’ intestines healthy and enhance their immunity system. GOS is galactooligosaccharide with great similarities to the composition of human milk, and is highly promoted for use in infant formula and health foods because of its combination of benefits and safety.


Healthy Functions

Improve intestinal functions and prevents constipation.

Adjusts the balance of body’s microorganisms to build up preponderance of beneficial microorganisms in the intestinal environment.

Inhibits the immunity system.

Promotes absorption of minerals, such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, and Zinc.


In formula and cereal-based complementary foods for infants and young children.

In milk powder for children and mothers.

In general foods, such as dairy products, beverages, wine, meat products and baked products.

In health food (powder, tablet, sachet, oral dosage, ect.)


Liquid: Plastic bucket of food grade, 25kg per bucket.

Powder: PE inner bag, paper-plastic composite outer bag, 25kg per bag


Storage Conditions

Store in cool and dry place with room temperature, avoid direct sunlight and seal inside.





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