Review of the China International Dairy Technology Expo 2019: Never stop the moves - QHT and it’s HMOs progress

Date:2019-09-05 0

From August 30 to September 1, 2019, QHT participated the China International Dairy Technology Expo 2019, bringing its newest technologies and products to the event. The chief scientist of QHT - Professor Wei Yuanan had a presentation about the applications and manufacturing  technologies about Human Milk Oligosacchrides.



HMOs (Human Milk Oligosacchrides), a prebiotic naturally exists in human milk, is the third most solid elements in human milk after lactose and fats, which exceeds the protein. They play the crucial rules in baby’s growth.


In contrast to the other components of breast milk that are absorbed by the infant through breastfeeding, HMOs are indigestible for the newborn child. However, they have a prebiotic effect and serve as food for intestinal bacteria, especially bifidobacteria. The dominance of these intestinal bacteria in the gut reduces the colonization with pathogenic bacteria (probiosis) and thereby ensures a healthy intestinal flora (intestinal microbiome) and a reduced risk of dangerous intestinal infections.

Product innovation trend: HMOs formula for Chinese babies

From now, even more than 200 different HMOs were defined, not all individuals produce the same HMOs. Numerous of researches represented genes and Geo-demographic factors will characterize various HMOs compositions and components.

In the past, most of studies about human milk were based on European and America mothers, only a few of studies were related to Chinese or Asian Mothers. QHT’s “Sugar mommy” project collected and studied breast milk form Chinese mothers and aim to construct the Chinese mother HMOs database. QHT monitored the components and changes of HMOs from samples, and discovered the connection between HMOs and the mother’s genotype.

 “We are all grow from what we eat ”. Respecting the personality of human beingpersonalized the infant nutrition. In China, the human milk substitute products should be developed properly, instead of blindly following the solution from other countries. Infant nutrition research and development should apply the localized scientific references.

QHT always focus on studying and developing infant formula which specializing Chinese babies. We are aiming to launch the most suitable infant formula solutions for Chinese babies. In the future, we will never stop our moves to achieve our goal.