QHT’s Granulation Series Prebiotc awarded the 2019 Food & Beverage Industry Ringier Technology Innovation Awards

Date:2019-08-02 0

2019 Food & Beverage Industry Ringier Technology Innovation Award, in association with China 2019 Nutritious Food & Functional Beverage Technology Summit & Expo 2019 and Food & Beverage Packaging Innovation and Smart Manufacturing Forum 2019, recognize and celebrate the food industry’s remarkable successes, superior research results, and progressive product development.


Yesterday, 24 deserving winners, including QHT, in the nutrition and advanced food industry celebrated their successes in Guangzhou, China. More than hundred of senior managers from honored companies, judge representatives, food industry specialists and media professionals have attended the celebration ceremony.




The Granulation Series Prebiotic is the newest innovative product that researched and developed by QHT. It is the third Technology Innovation Award, since the FOS national standard samples and water-less series prebiotic, honored by Ringier Trade Media Ltd. As one of the most professional and effective industrial innovation awards, The Ringier Technology Innovation Awards were inaugurated by Ringier Trade Media in 2006. With 13-year experience, the fairness and influence of Ringier Technology Innovation Awards are highly commanded by the industrial experts. In the last few years, several products of QHT have awarded this awards, which represents QHT’s innovation and capabilities are approved by the industry.

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