Big News: the first Chinese Micro-ecology Health-care Innovation Forum in 2018 will be held on Nov 10th.

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On Nov 9th, 2018, China Society for the Promotion of Science and Technology Commercialization: Micro-ecology Health-care Specialty Committee will host an founding assembly in Guangzhou. This is the first Micro-ecology Health-care Specialty Committee that was developed in China.

At the Same time, the first micro-ecology Health-care Innovation Forum in 2018 will be hosted by the Micro-ecology Health-care Specialty Committee is coming on Nov 10th 2018 in Hotel Nikko Guangzhou. The academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the molecular physiologist - Ms. Li Peng , and the Chief Scientist of Quantum Bio, Dr. Wei Yuanan and total 13 academicians, professions and industrial representatives will attend the event and make speeches.

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Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences and the molecular physiologist - Ms. Li Peng


The Chief Scientist of Quantum Bio, Dr. Wei Yuanan

As the researches and studies about “Microorganism and human-being” and micro-ecology health-care technologies are becoming more and more popular all around the world, the importance of micro-ecology in human body was awared and approved by numerous scientists, academicians and the folk. No surprisingly, micro-ecology health-care technologies are playing more and more significant role in public health and medical treatment. 

Recently, Quantum Bio is devoting to contribute to the Micro-ecology Health-care technology development. We are working hard on communicate with the academicians and research institutes from other regions and driving the Chinese  Micro-ecology Health-care industry to develop rapidly and positively. 

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