Interview to the CEO of Quantum Bio - Mr. Zeng Xianwei

Date:2018-10-12 0

On June 2018, Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd has successfully reconstructed with Shanghai Champartner Co., Ltd. and changed the company name from “Quantum Hi-Tech” to “Quantum Bio”. What else will be changed during the partnership? What mission the company is going to achieve during the new progress? What Quantum Bio is looking forward? Let’s see how Mr. Zeng Xianwei, the CEO of Quantum Bio talk about it.


ASK: What will the company’s development direction change after the reconstruction?

ANS: After the reconstruction, Quantum Hi-Tech will change its name into “Quantum Bio” and will dedicate to the innovation of global healthcare industry. As the company structure upgraded, Quantum Bio’s primary business will develop form mainly studying, manufacturing and selling prebiotic fibers to establishing a comprehensive biomedicine development, micro-ecology nutrition and micro-ecology medical system. In the future, Quantum Bio will treat biomedicine development as a core driving force as well as collectively focusing on “Biomedicine development”, “ micro-ecology nutrition” and “micro-ecology medicine” three crucial sections.


ASK: Why the company needs to change the slogan from “Global Leader in Microbiome Technology and Healthcare Industry” to “Innovation for Life”?

ANS: The company slogan has changed to “Innovation for Life” is reminding us to keep elaborating Quantum Bio’s existing strengths in micro-ecological healthcare industry as well as following Chempartner’s globalized horizon and utilize international research service platform to complement each part’s advantages. In this case, we can ensure the three major sections of Quantum Bio: Quantum Hi-Tech (Micro-ecological Nutrition), Chempartner Co. (Medicine research and study service) and Quantum-Chempartner (Micro-ecological medicine technology research and development) can develop collaboratively, to achieve the goal of being the global leader in microbiome technology and healthcare industry. This is the pivotal strategy for Quantum Bio in the second decade development.

ASK: Why and what reasons trigger the reconstruction?

ANS: Since QHT was established in 2000, QHT has devoted to the research, produce and manufacture high quality prebiotics for 18 years. But now, Quantum Bio is studying for nutrition personalized and precision. Nutrition personalized and precision is based on microbiome test analysis, proposes a personalized nutrition or treatment solution, and then applies to the specific case. Therefore, nutrition personalized can play an important role in physiological intervention and build up a comprehensive customized medical and precision health management system. QHT has developed prebiotic personalized to the cell and molecular level instead of microbiome, and study how to directly apply prebiotic to the gut epithelium and improve the barrier function of gut. In this case, QHT need lots of talents in biomedical research. The partnership of has drastically improved QHT’s research and development power. In manufacturing part, QHT micro-ecology nutrition section were mainly focused on B2B business in Chinese domestic market and Chempartenr’s business are basically toward international market, QHT would bring their high quality prebiotic products to the global market insightfully with the support of Chempartner. 


ASK: How can Quantum Bio promote its superiority in medicine study and research after the reconstruction?

ANS: Quantum medical is the medical section of Quantum Bio’s micro-ecology medical business. Base on the comprehensive micro-ecology medical theory, treat gut intestinal microbime as target, and combining Clinical medicine, Nutrition medicine, Chinese medicine, Psychology, Sociology and other several subjects to provide patient the personalized and professional product or service.  As a crucial research and development department, Quantum micro-ecology medical research institute possess the newest metagenomic sequencing technology and the first Eastern-Asian population intestinal gene pool. The institute can accurately study and develop new products and provide personalized solution. At the same time, Quantummicro-ecology medical research institute has worked together with numerous famous universities and academic institutes like Xiamen University to develop the micro-ecology medical technology research. Yunnan Richland Hospital, a strategy cooperation hospital of Quantum micro-ecology medical research institute, is also the only general hospital that own the both “Chinese Comprehensive Medical Certificate” and “International JCI Certificate”. Meanwhile, Yunnan Richland Hospital is the specified micro-ecology holistic medical foundation in Yunnan. The micro-ecology medicine section will keep treating gut microbiome as the research core, providing Chempartner the comprehensive detection technology and data, clinical protocols and industrial resources. At the same time, Quantum Bio’s micro-ecology medicine section will apply Chempartner’s advantages to develop the personalized micro-ecology medicine and precision health management service, helping Quantum Bio to approach the mission of becoming the “Global Leader in Microbiome Technology and Healthcare Industry”.



ASK: What’s your vision of Quantum Bio in the future?

ANS: After the company reconstruction, Quantum Bio will gather all the strengths of a listed company, treat biomedicine development as the key strategy, and help Chempartner to promote its CRO/CMO business to serve the pharmaceutical and technology industry globally. For micro-ecology nutrition section, the reconstructing will bring more advanced technology and resources to QHT. Nutrition and Medicine sections will provide new business idea to Chempartner. In the future, each section of Quantum Bio will be relatively independent, however, mutually support at the same time. “Multi-wheel-drive” Development is aiming to achieve the mission of becoming the “Global Leader in Microbiome Technology and Healthcare Industry”.

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