Quantum Bio is cooperating with Yunnan province to develop the micro-ecological health industry

Date:2018-09-13 0


In the Sep 6th morning, Mr. Xu Bin, the vice-president of the Yunnan National Committee and the director of Department of Science and Technology in Yunnan has led a representative team to visit the headquarter (Quantum Bio) of Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou. During the meeting, Mr. Xu Bin and Quantum Bio have made an agreement in establishing a “Health Well-being and Culture” program in Yunnan Province.


(Quantum Bio and Yunnan Department Science and Technology have signed the cooperation agreement)

Mr. Xu bin claimed that the cooperation should pay more attention on the Biomedicine development and the Micro-Ecology System development strategy. Yunnan government is tending to learn the innovative strategy from Quantum Bio.

The chairman of Quantum Bio - Mr.Zeng Xianjing demonstrated that there would be a lot of possibilities for Quantum Bio and Yunnan biomedicine industry to cooperate in medical, Chinese medicine and Micro-ecology development. Quantum Bio will try their best to develop the “Health Well-being and Culture” program, as well as expanding the partnership with Yunnan government in other fields, to help citizens in Yunnan to have better life. 


  (Mr. Xu Bin, the vice-president of the Yunnan National Committee and the director of Department of Science and Technology in Yunnan)


(Mr.Zeng Xianjing, The chairman of Quantum Bio)

During the trip, the medical representatives of Yunnan Province have also visited the Micro-ecology Hall that located in the Quantum Bio office. Mr. Zeng has introduced Quantum Bio’s study results in micro-ecological health development and the development strategy in the future. The three major sections of Quantum Bio: biomedicine development, micro-ecology nutrition and micro-ecology medical system will bring out their own advantages to develop a comprehensive Full Life Circle Health Management System.

Yunnan Province is famous as a “Well-being” province, and Yunnan’s development direction will help Quantum Bio to achieve its goal to become a global leader in microbiome technology and healthcare industry.


      (The representative team is visiting Micro-ecology Hall in Quantum Bio)


(Agreement signing)

Mr. Zeng Fu, the related director of Yunnan Department of Science and Technology also visited Quantum Bio in July 2018. Mr. Zeng Fu has highly appreciated about the micro-ecology development strategy of Quantum Bio during the trip. And the partnership agreement signing this time shows Quantum Bio is a step closer to a global leader in microbiome technology and healthcare industry.

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