QHT:Review for 2017

Date:2018-01-01 0

Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Co., Ltd. (QHT) is always focus on developing the microbiological health globally. In 2017, QHT tried hard to keep stamping forward disregard of the changeable situations, made impossible become possible.

QHT is concentrating on the awareness of human evolution, diseases, aging and health. Evidence shows, in different stages of human growth, gut microbime have their corresponding significances. The different gut microbes will have various impacts to body function. Although human genes cannot be changed, prebiotics, probiotic, Chinese medicine and fecal transplant can help to adjust and balance the gut microbes.

In the future, QHT will not stop their move to getting further and further. Let ’s look back what QHT has achieved in 2017:



February 15

QHT has join the first dairy product health creative technology association in China. The association aims to develop Chinese dairy products and contribute to nutrition and health technology creation.




March 27

QHT has participated FiC (Food Ingredient China) on March. Research from QHT and Southern Medical University found that prebiotics could not only proliferate bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, but also adjust the whole intestinal micro-ecology. The research also revealed prebiotic will have different effect on different people; therefore, to specify the prebiotics production is necessary.



May 24

“Sugar Mama” project (Chinese human milk oligosaccharide database construction) has achieved a great success. In 2017, QHT has collected nearly 200 human milk samples from 22 Chinese mothers.  

Researchers from QHT analyzed the composition and content change of HMOs in the milk samples from different lactation and studied refer to the mothers’ Lewis blood types. They discovered that human milk can be defined as “Secretory” and “Non-Secretory” and insightfully demonstrated numerous valuable biological code and information. This project provide a strong and scientific support to further develop the human milk substitution product.



August 22

Successfully addressed the problem of “keeping the activity of Prebiotic”. Water-less prebiotic is a prebiotic series that QHT developed for probiotic products. The water activity of “water-less” series product is lower than 0.10aw and can perfectly promote the activity and stability of probiotics. This product has achieved the Ringier Technology Innovation Award in 2017.



September 5

QHT’s EUOLIGO FOS and GOSYAN GOS have acquired the Chinese Organic Certificate.

It means QHT can provide their customers more specific and various choices, as well as produce the safer and healthier products.



October 24

QHT has developed the Chinese national standard of Inulobiose , Inulotriose, Inulotetraose, 1&6G-kestotetraose and three components of galactooligosaccharide: 2-O-β-D-Galactopyranosyl-D-Glucopyranose,3-O-β-D-Galactopyranosyl-D-Glucopyranose,6-O-β-D-Galactopyranosyl-D-Glucopyranose, and the standard samples were approved by the China's General Administration of Quality Supervision and Standardization Administration of China.




November 1

QHT has awarded the “Hidden Champions”. QHT are always focusing on developing the ecological health and had quietly devoted to the industry for over 17 years. Because of QHT’s concentration and contribution, QHT was awarded the “Hidden Champion” raised by the People Daily.


December 9

QHT was highly praised by their clients and partners because of their high quality products and services. In 2017, the partnership between QHT and Perfect (China) Co.,Ltd has entered to a higher step. QHT was awarded the “Strategic Partner ”, “superior performance” and “Social Contributor” three prices by Perfect (China) Co.,Ltd.



December 26

Company Upgraded. QHT’s first Ecological Medical Institution – Babentang Chinese Medicine Clinic was established, which means QHT is a step closer to the goal of constructing ecological medical industrial clusters. The Institution will treat gut microbiome as the treatment target, use the international leading gut microbiome intervention technology as well as combine the clinical nutriology and Chinese medicine theory. The institution will bring more hopes to cure the chronic diseases like diabetes, hepatopathy and infantile autism. 


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