QHT in FIC 2018: New Era of Microbiome Health

Date:2018-03-25 0

QHT now are attending the FIC 2018 and bring their newest products and technology to the event. During the first day (March 22, 2018) of the event, QHT’s chief scientist Dr. Yuanan Wei has cooperated with Professor Hongwei Zhou from China Southern Medical University to discus about the understanding and application of prebiotics in new nutrition era.


What is “New Nutrition Era”?

Traditionally, nutrition can provide energy and the biological component that can help to balance the physiological function to the human body. However, in the recent researches, scientists found that some particular non-absorbable nutrition can help to adjust the gut microbiome in human body and indirectly contribute to the healthcare improvement and deceases prevention. In this case, it is necessary to expand the study of nutrition usage. Expect for the seven traditional nutrients, prebiotics, synbiotics and microecologic products should also be included in the studies of new nutrition concept.

Besides new nutrients, “Nutrition Personalized” is another crucial topic. “Nutrition Personalized” aims to provide accurate and particular nutritious references depend on a person’s genetic background, growing environment, lifestyle, metabolism and other detail physiological features to ensure the nutrition can meet the specific needs of a person.


Prebiotics will positively affect to the glucose metabolism and gut microbiome in human body.

As people known that the core part of modern medicine is to deliberately apply the research scientific results accurately and properly while combining the professional skill and clinical experience, as well as considering the valuation of a patient.

QHT understand that prebiotic health research that specializing Chinese population were hardly found and they began their specific study since 2016. QHT have cooperated the Zhujiang Hospital of Southern Medical University to promoted the first prebiotic in human intervention study in China. In FIC 2017, QHT have shared their preliminary outcomes of the research: the researchers discovered that prebiotic has different effects on various populations and the gut microbiome of Chinese have their own specificity. Meanwhile, the study also revealed that prebiotic can not only particularly contribute to the growth of bifidobacterium and lactobacillus, but also balance the entire gut micro-ecology. After a year’s in-depth study, Dr. Hongwei Zhou’s report in FIC 2018 shown that no matter FOS or inulin, prebiotic will not significantly influent the physiological properties, blood sugar metabolism and blood sugar metabolism control of the host livings. At the same time, prebiotic will significantly increase the abundance of bifidobacterium and developed the abundance and diversity of gut microbiome.


Prebiotic + Probiotic: 1+1>2 effect

Recently, we can see more and more prebiotic and probiotic compound products are selling on the market. In folk’s mind, probiotic can directly beneficial to the profitable strain in gut while prebiotic can provide a better environment for probiotic to breed. Theoretically, prebiotic + probiotic will achieve 1+1>2 effect, but how to carry out this effect, more things are need to be studied.

During the conference in FIC 2018, QHT chief scientist professor Yuanan Wei has represented his report about the function of symbiotic that contain multiple scFOS in human body. The most attractive part was the study that targeted to 30 IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and constipation patients. In the study, the participants were divided into three groups and accepted the treatment for four weeks after the two weeks baseline test. The study result shown only the participants who has took 5g scFOS and 10×109 long chain bifidobacterium effectively reduced bloating during the research. This result surprisingly revealed that taking the higher dozen of prebiotic and probiotic compound product would not have the better effect.


In the New Nutrition Era, prebiotic and probiotic compound product should tend to be personalized and diversified. Precision nutrition will play a better role in the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases and metabolism diseases that caused by gut microbiome. Professor Yuanan Wei concluded that the new nutrition study and application in the future should be “Accurate”, “Balance”, “Personalized” and “Preventive”.


In 2018, QHT will keep contributing to the microbiome nutrition, medical and medical treatment industries and try their best to construct a complete microbiome health system. QHT’s moves of becoming the pioneer of microbiome technology and healthcare industry will never stop.


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