QHT going green: Voluntary planting, city afforesting

Date:2018-04-17 0

In the April 14 afternoon, QHT has hosted a “Voluntary planting, city afforesting” event. Over 50 QHT volunteers from various departments headed to the Liyue micro-ecology health industry base in Jiangmen City and grown the tree saplings with their own hands. 



Since 2015, QHT has continuously voluntary planted trees in the micro-ecology health industry base for three years. At this time, QHT family has donated 52 tree saplings.

The president of QHT, Mr. Xianwei Zeng, has also attended the event. Noting that the importance of building the micro-ecology health industry base and in the city’s ecological protection drive, President Zeng has introduced the foundation construction of the base and pointed out that the micro-ecology health industry base will promote the QHT’s micro-ecology health development and lead QHT to become the pioneer of Chinese micro-ecology health construction. 


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