Company Update: Quantum Bio signed the partnership agreement with Ji’nan University

Date:2018-12-11 0

In order to move forward the strategy deployment in biotechnology and medicine, the CEO of Quantum Bio - Mr. Zeng Xianwei has led the representatives of Quantum Hi-Tech Micro-ecology nutrition, Chempartner and Quantum Medical to visited Guangzhou Ji’nan University, met and communicated with the scholars and professions of the college. The president of Ji’nan University - Professor Song Xianzhong and the Vice-president - Professor Hong An have attended the meeting.


(Quantum Bio and Ji'nan University signed a partnership agreement)

During the meeting, Professor Hong presented a great welcome to the Quantum Bio team. She claimed that as one of the best overseas Chinese granted educational institutes. Ji’nan University is the China’s “211 program” key national university that accredited by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and Chinese Education Bureau, and was honored as the national “Double First-rate” higher education institute. Biomedicine is one of the traditional outstanding subjects and key developing field in the University, they have achieved a lot of success in Biomedicine research, development and innovation.

Ji’nan University pay a lot of attention on the partnership with Quantum Bio. Quantum Bio is a leading enterprise and have contributed a lot in Biomedicine R&D business. Quantum Bio’s strategic plan is highly correspond to Ji’nan University’s mission. In the future, both entities will look for more cooperation opportunities and contribute more to Chinese healthcare development.


(The CEO of Quantum Bio - Mr. Zeng Xianwei and the representatives of Quantum Bio group are visiting Ji'nan University's college history room)

The CEO of Quantum Bio - Mr.Zeng Xianwei represented the whole company to gave big Thank you to Ji’nan University. He indicated that Quantum Bio is a “Global Leader in Microbiome Technology and Healthcare Industry” and the company will actively apply to the “Healthy China” Strategic program, promote the development of the three major sections including Micro-ecological nutrition, Biomedicine research and Micro-ecological Medicine development. Connecting the professions, customers, capital, scientific research, applications and services together, and promote the development of healthcare industry. 


(Quantum Bio and Ji'nan University were having a meeting)

After the meeting, Mr. Zeng Xianwei and Professor Hong An has signed the “Quantum Hi-Tech (China) Biological Ltd. and Ji’nan University Partnership Agreement”. According to the agreement, Quantum Bio and Ji’nan University will cooperate in medical research, talent training, Micro-ecology technologies industrialization and related fields, as well as apply the multiple cooperation mode to foster the promotion, application and industrialization of cooperation achievement. 


(All representatives in the meeting)