QHT obtained Invention Patent again!

Date:2017-10-19 0

QHT obtained Invention Patent again! Prebiotic industry now is suffering the problem of test uncertainty and test infeasibility of oligosaccharides that supplied in food, but QHT can help to solve these problems!


In 2015, QHT has released 6 FOS monomer composition national standard samples to the world, and now QHT carried out the matching testing method, this method can gradually solve the problems that the industry is facing.

Recently, QHT’s new prebiotics testing method named “a high speed countercurrent chromatography for high purity Fructooligosaccharide monomer preparation method” obtained the invention patent offered by Chinese State Intellectual Property Office. It demonstrates QHT’s testing and analysis capabilities are highly approved by the industry.


QHT claims, since the testing method acquired the invention patent, it needs to contribute to the industry and public. Take infant formula milk as example, QHT always keep its rigorous spirit and responsibility to the food security and consumers’ health. They corporate with the global-wide famous milk companies like Ausnutria, Sanyuan, Meilu and studied the perfect containing content of Fructooligosaccharide and Oligosaccharide in their products. As people known, the matrix of powder milk is complicated and the contents of protein and fat are relatively high. Because of the complicated production procedures and high lactose content, FOS detection in powder milk through traditional testing method: HPLC is limited. Its accuracy and reproducibility are much less than ideal.

According to the problems mentioned above, QHT’s analysis and detection center discovered the key points of the test. For FOS, QHT optimized their usage of sucrase and levanase while improving the enzyme extraction procedure. For GOS, QHT set their own product GOSYAN™GOS as the counterparts, innovated an IC (Ion Chromatography) testing method for GOS in infant formula powder milk.


They also examined the linear relationship of standard curve, precision; recycle rate, accuracy and method detection limit of the new testing method. QHT’s rigorous attitude and accurate measurement are strongly approved by the clients.

With the gradually develop prebiotic analysis and testing techniques, QHT are making more efforts on developing prebiotic standard system construction, QHT will continually take their own advantages to lead the growth of prebiotic industry.