New Progress: Collective Power for Bio-Medicine and Public Health Industry Innovation

Date:2018-06-15 0

On June 15th 2018, Quantum Bio has cooperated Shanghai Chempartner, Co. to host a Biological Medicine Innovation Conference in Guangzhou, China. Over 200 Bio-Medicine professions including leaders of Guangdong Food and Drug Administration, hi-tech academic scholars from 10 famous Chinese universities, representatives from more than 100 Bio-Medicine innovative entities and from 40 listed companies, as well as representatives of numerous financial institutions have participated the event.


During the conference, the previous presidents of China's Food and Drug administration, Managers of China Pharmacopoeia Committee and Guangdong Food and Drug administration have highly praised the partnership between Quantum Bio and Chempartner Co.. They claimed that this cooperation would strongly promote the upgrade of Bio-Medicine and health industry, and will lead the movement of Green Growth. 

In fact, the Chinese government has carried out a special police that related to Bio-Medicine industry and has established a Bio-Medicine industry investment foundation to fully support the development of Bio-Medicine entity in Guangdong. As the host, Mr. Xianjing Zeng, the president of Quantum Bio, claimed that it was not easy for Quantum Bio and Chempartner to be regrouped. They have spent over three years to adjusted and overcame a lot of problems, and they finally made it happen. Moreover, Mr. Xin Hui, the founder of Chempartner Co. reported the public health industry strategy and introduced the company’s progress during the event, which shows the core competence of Chempartner according to its advanced technology and services. At the same time, Dr. Jun Xiang and Dr. Lu Xu from Chempartner have shared research reports about the Biomacromolecules CDMO, the Pharmacokinetics and the Toxicology in early stage.


Mr. Xianjing Zeng, The President Quantum Bio


Mr. Hui Micheal Xin, the founder of Chempartner Co., Ltd

After the reconstruction, Quantum Hi-Tech will change its name into “Quantum Bio” and devote to the innovation of global healthcare industry. As the company structure upgraded, Quantum Bio’s primary business will develop form mainly studying, manufacturing and selling prebiotic fibers to establishing a comprehensive biomedicine development, micro-ecology nutrition and micro-ecology medical system. In the future, Quantum Bio will treat biomedicine development as a core driving force as well as parallelly focusing on “Biomedicine development”, “ micro-ecology nutrition” and “micro-ecology medicine” three crucial sections.

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